Mickey Emits Rays Of Light

Tennessee Loveless

Edition Size | 23 + 2AP's + 2HC's + 1PP + 5 Roman Numerals
Medium | giclée on textured canvas
Format | framed boxed canvas 
Size | image 460mm x 460mm

Hand signed by the artist

Available from selected galleries £399

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Mickey Emits Rays of Light was the FIRST piece that I did for the collection. The idea that was in my head at the time was that I was only allowed to paint one or two pieces and these had to count if I wanted to represent my style among the collective of other Disney artists.  

Previously with my work with Disney, I relied on geometric set ups to place my colour choices. Everything is laid out to a plan, kind of like a colour by number grid so that each pigment has a place.  

This is how colour blind people operate, if we cannot see the colour, then we have to learn what colour is by codes and words and those codes and words are placed into purposely segmented areas to achieve a harmonious end result.   

In essence, the real art in a sense, is the communication from two different seeing colour worlds:- you from the world of colour and me from the world of codes and words.