Cazador De Suenos - "Dream Hunter"

Tennessee Loveless

Edition Size | 23 + 2AP's + 2HC's + 1PP + 5 Roman Numerals
Medium | giclée on textured canvas
Format | framed boxed canvas 
Size | image 460mm x 460mm

Hand signed by the artist

Available from selected galleries £399

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Further abandoning the sacred line and the safety of an enclosed geometric shape, I studied the formats of Neo-Expressionism and its dismissal of perfecting the "known object".

This is a hard concept when it comes to an icon like Mickey that does, for the most part, rely on its known shape to be considered authentic.

I decided to research through the pathways of one of the most notorious Neo-Expressionist painters, Jean-Michael Basquait. This was somewhat of a dichotomous subject, as Basquiat's work was mostly on sociopolitical gatherings rather than commercial commentary. Furthermore, the idea of Mickey Mouse integrated as a main subject had to appear mentally salibrious to the viewer.

This provided a challenge.

I realized that this was a focus on aesthetic rather than actual parallel communicative content to Basquait's vision and pushed further through the piece, painting it as a surface level execution.
This piece asks the question, how would a Neo-Expressionist painter approach the idea of visiting Disneyland and paint his or her transgressive experience?

That very question was answered in this piece.

This is called 'Cazador De Suenos', whihch means 'Dream Hunter' in Spanish'. It reflects an abstract vision of visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California. There are area's here that relate to Disney such as 'Main Street', 'Downtown', 'Parade' and familiar words associated with its brands like 'Vista' on the left hand side and 'Buena' on the right hand side (Buena Vista). There are two hats which say 'Lost' and 'Found' which represents beyond the surface level idea of a department and more hones in on that 'lost' feeling we so often get in our lives and that 'found' happiness we have when we visit the park. Beyond that, the central hat with the eye represents an opened consciousness when coming to the park... and that new found vision of bliss we see when entering the park and enjoying all that Disneyland has to offer.